Giovedì, 21 Giugno 2018 12:54

"Guess the Region" Taste & Create Event, Agora-Drama, Greece

A Taste & Create workshop that challenged the participants' senses. June 2018.

Agora, Drama, 21 June 2018. A tri-sense challenge was put before the visitors of the Taste and Create workshop that took place at Château Nico Lazaridi winery.

This workshop was held simultaneously with the 1st Wine Week of TWL project between June 17th – 24th, 2018. Participants were invited to evaluate and write down the taste, color & smell of partner countries' wines. Wagram-Austria, Balaton Lake-Hungary & Agora-Drama-Greece stocked the event. Educated guesses on the regions and evaluations of the vintages were offered by the participants. A brainstorming session soon followed on the marketability of the products, based on their wine guessing experience.


TWL photostrip