Venerdì, 18 Ottobre 2019 11:16

2nd TWL Winethon in Austria, Greece, Hungary and Italy!

Millenials Wine Challenge! 

Simultaneously in four countries!

October 24, 2019 from 9.00 to 18.00

"What can unknown culinary and wine regions do to attract more young visitors? Which strategies can local producers of regional specialties apply to address Millenials in particular?"



The second winethon of thewinelab project will be simultaneously carried out in Austria, Greece, Hungary and Italy. Students, producers, tourism organisations, researchers, teachers, and policy makers will form groups of 3 to 5 persons to come up on the spot with innovative solutions to bring local wineries and wine regions closer to young people.

There will be refreshments, light lunch, more refreshments, work and good camaraderie and of course one wine experience (winery tour) in one of thewinelab project consortium wineries and bottles of excellent wine for the winners! 


Austria - Weingut Schuster

Greece - Nico Lazaridi Winery

Italy - La Scurtarola

Hungary - Koczor



A national and international panel will evaluate your work and announce the winner at the end of the event via skype:

National evaluation panel
- Austria: Thomas Schuster (Weingut Schuster), Albert Stöckl, David Strasse (IMC Krems)
- Greece: Spyridon Mamalis, Elisavet Bouloumpasi (TEI KAV), Federica Lazaridi (Nico Lazaridi Wines)
- Hungary: Judit Sulyok (University of Pannonia), Dóra Koczor (Koczor Winery), Beata Berczi (Veszprém destination management organisation)
- Italy: Pierpaolo Lorieri (La Scurtarola); Maria Pia Maranghini (UNISI); Concetta Ferrara (UNIMC)

Transnational evaluation panel
At least one judge per country should compose the panel:
- Austria: Thomas Schuster (Weingut Schuster)
- Greece:Federica Lazaridi (Nico Lazaridi Wines)
- Hungary: Dóra Koczor (Koczor Winery)
- Italy: Pierpaolo Lorieri (La Scurtarola)