Lunedì, 12 Novembre 2018 08:20

Heroic viticulture: opportunities, development and research, Italy

A networking event held at Marina di Massa brought wine producers, researchers and industry professionals up & close. Marina di Massa, Italy

Organized by Cervim, Research Center for the enhancement of mountain viticulture and Consorzio Produttori del Candia, the meeting "Heroic viticulture: opportunities, development and research" held in Marina di Massa (Italy) during which the project The Wine Lab was presented to local administrators, regional managers, winemakers and researchers as an opportunity to create profitable synergies between the world of research and wineries. The technical-operational meeting touched upon some of the viticulture peculiarities in difficult areas such as mountains, steep slopes and islands. The WineLab, spearheaded by the University of Macerata and of which La Scurtarloa & CERVIM represented the Toscana HUB, specifically dedicated to heroic viticulture, represents a new reality in Tuscany.

In the wine sector, small businesses have to cope with problems related to the territory such as small vineyards, often not contiguous or arranged on terraces, an extravagant amount of man-hours (from 800 to 1600 hours / ha / year ) and a severe ampelographic fragmentation of native vines produced in small quantities. The Wine Lab project has set several objectives to be reached over the three years of its lifecycle, including and not restricted to: creating hubs-interest groups and educational communities involving wine producers, researchers, university students, public entities and private individuals in the wine sector; determine new forms of cooperation between universities and businesses to increase training opportunities (traineeships); develop mechanisms for the structured sharing of knowledge between research and business, define innovative methods and tools to exploit knowledge at the regional level and link it to national and European ones.