Martedì, 19 Giugno 2018 08:37

1st Taste & Create event, Drama, Greece

The first Taste & Create Workshop in Greece has been organized during the wine week event in June 2018.

Drama, 19 June 2018. In order to increase the project’s awareness and extend the impacts, the first Taste & Create Workshop in Greece has been organized during the wine week event, with the participation of Hungarian students and professors of University of Pannonia (winelab project partner), as well with the participation of Greek students, and professionals of wine sector. This enabled the organizers and the participants to share knowledge and ideas about local and international varieties, as well as introduce participants without prior knowledge to wine tasting techniques.

The event was held in the winemaking laboratory (Oenology Laboratory) of the Department of Oenology and Beverage Technology, at TEI EMT Campus, in Drama.

Mrs. Katerina Karampatea presented the color, aroma and flavour attributes of wines (white, rose and red wines), which were tasted one after the other and their characteristics were discussed with the participants. Four wines were tasted in total, three wines (white, rose, red) originated by local varieties and were vinified by the students of Oenology and Beverage technology Department (TEI EMT). The fourth wine originated from a French variety and was professionally vinified. Participants used for assessment and rating specifically prepared tasting sheets. Students, professors and wine professionals participated in the discussion that followed the tasting and rating of each wine.