Lunedì, 05 Marzo 2018 11:15

1st TWL Winethon in Italy a great success!

Wine hackers had 24 hours to design a sustainable destination!

The 1st TWL Winethon was held on 3/4 March 2018 during the Tipicità Festival 2018 in Fermo (Marche Region).

Prof. Dr. Alessio Cavicchi, project leader, University of Macerata, welcomes the participants to the challenge here

Italian project partner Pierpaolo Lorieri, owner of winery Podere Scurtarola di Lorieri Pierpaolo, specialising in heroic viticulture, addresses the audience here

Hungarian partner, winery Koczor Pincészet és Vendégfogadó addresses the audience here

Few minutes before the deadline. See video here.

TWL Hackathon UNIMC Italy 6 ed

TWL Hackathon UNIMC Italy 5 ed