Mercoledì, 18 Aprile 2018 09:21

TWL Winethon held in Austria!

Participating students from the study programme “International Wine Business” had the chance to work intensively on different topics throughout the day, coming up with new ideas on how to overcome problems in the wine business.

The generated ideas were related to the topics Sustainability, Knowledge Alliances, Vineyard Classification and Young Wine Drinkers: Preferences and Behaviors.
All ideas were discussed and developed further with representatives of the wine industry of Austria.

The Winethon was held on 18 April 2018 at the ancient castle “Gozzo Burg” at the project partner IMC Fachhochschule Krems.

Guests included selected, powerful stakeholders across sectors: 

  • Fritz Wieninger from Weingut Wieninger Wien
  • Michael Moosbrugger from Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg
  • Susanne Staggl from the Austrian Wine Marketing Board
  • Clemens and Martina Strobl from Weinmanufaktur Strobl
  • Nikolaus Moser from Weingut Sepp Moser
  • Josef Mantler Jr. from Weingut Mantlerhof
  • Roman Horvath from Domäne Wachau
  • Michael Wagner from Vinea Wachau
  • Lorenz Altram from Weingut Altram

We would like to warmy  thank everyone for their participation, their valuable input and their support to new, inspiring ideas! 

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