Giovedì, 09 Novembre 2017 10:01

"We transform products by transforming ourselves"

TWL project leader UNIMC students enrolled in the course in Food Economics and Marketing make a field study visit in San Michele Arcangelo organic farm, in Corridonia, Italy to learn, experience gastronomy and go natural! The visit was led by TWL project manager Prof. Alessio Cavicchi.

Quoting the words of a UNIMC student Sabrina Biru Tomasi on their experiential learning: " 'We transform products by transforming ourselves'. This is the choice they made in San Michele Arcangelo organic farm, in Corridonia, Italy.The field study visit on Thursday 9th. Nov., for #unimc students of the course in Food Economics and Marketing led by Prof Alessio Cavicchi was an important opportunity for discovering a world and tasting genuine products made of good raw materials, hard work and release. In this peaceful place, workers are people looking for redemption after a dark period of addiction to drugs and alcohol, looking for a new bright role inside the society. It is a place in which children may find a family, a home, after being taken apart from their natural families. It is a place where 8 families decided to change their lives, living as a community linked by spiritual values. The most important thing is that the product is good. And this is why, coming here, you can feel the quiet, you can taste sweet sunny special flavours (fresh fruit, jams, marinated vegetables, fruit juices...), you can breathe deeply and feel the nature inside and finally, after all this, you can fully feel part of humanity. #thewinelab "

TWL Corridonia 1 TWL Corridonia 2

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