Venerdì, 15 Settembre 2017 10:21

Knowledge Shot on Wine!

The Wine Lab and Greek project partners Nico Lazaridi Winery and Militos Consulting S.A. participated at and supported large scale Knowledge Shots open seminar on gastronomy and business!

Federico Lazaridis, President of Nico Lazaridi Winery shared knowledge, expertise and know-how while treating the audience with a glass of their reputable wine selection. Among others, he mentioned: "Choose a wine list that fits the concept of your restaurant.. it is still ok to go for entry and medium level wine and not necessarily for the most sophisticated wine list.. the person between the wine and the customer is a catalyst.. people need to enjoy wine and their time at your restaurant!”

The video of his 7 min knowledge shot will be available soon. 

The event was organised by grassroots social initiative Mellon - Skills Accelerator Mellon at Greek chain café Palmie bistro and was supported by a number of stakeholders in the catering sector and beyond.

More photos here

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