The Wine Lab project and European partners are open to collaboration and synergies with interested stakeholders across Europe and beyond! Contact us to explore channels of cooperation.

  • Farm inc. - Introducing Marketing Principles in the Agricultural Sector

    Modern farming is far more than growing crops, handling livestock or producing agricultural products: it requires complex business and financial decisions. In an ever more competitive environment, farmers and agricultural managers need to continuously learn about latest developments in the sector and improve their knowledge and skills. Agricultural enterprises (especially the smaller ones) and farmers are often in a disadvantageous position compared to other bigger players in the food chain, such as food manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and face a common problem: their efforts to maintain and improve their market position, to upgrade their market share and to expand their business activity internationally, often go unrewarded. Cost effective and easily accessible training opportunities are, therefore, essential and more needed now than ever before.

    To this end, the Farm inc. project, co-funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the Europen Union, upgrades the skills and competences of agricultural entrepreneurs, so as to better brand and market their products.

    Access the free online, interactive learning & training platform here - available in English, French, Greek, Italian and Latvian.

  • GLEAN - Growing Levels of Employability | Entrepreneurship in Agriculture for NEETs

    GLEAN, a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, opens up the way to a career in the agricultural field for young (18-24 years old) NEETs (ot in Education, Employment or Training) looking for alternative career paths. It aspires to capitalise on the agricultural sector’s documented precious potential and added value for employability, by activating 3 learning pathways in 3 european countries greatly affected by the NEETs issue: Greece, Italy and Spain. GLEAN implemented an innovative, engaging approach for learning the job in the agricultural field, based on the design and implementation of a blended course, combining classroom and online/self-learning with an emphasis on hands-on experience. The project developed the NEET Employability/Entrepreneurship Programme (NEEP), a transversal online learning and training programme for the development of technical and soft skills, accompanied by guidelines and recommendations for the adoption of the NEEP by further institutions.

    Access the platform here - available in English, Greek, Italian, Spanish. 


  • FOODLAB – European food innovation incubator

    The FOODLAB project is dedicated to the development of a new learning and teaching methodology and the related tools to improve the transversal competences of students and develop entrepreneurship. In order to tackle these issues, the Foodlab consortium is composed of 15 partners from 6 different countries (France, Hungary, Italy, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Spain). The objective of this Foodlab consortium is to share knowledge covering all research, development and production activities towards the delivery of new courses. The Foodlab European FoodBusiness Transfer Laboratory, supported by a web-platform, will allow fostering interactions between students and stakeholders in food innovation to improve entrepreneurship in this sector. 

    Visit the FOODLAB website here


  • ASKFOOD – Alliance for Skills and Knowledge to Widen Food Sector-related Open Innovation, Optimization and Development

    ASKFOOD is contributing to: 

    – Upgrade and modernize training and educational methodologies in the food-related sectors.
    – Leverage of innovation and entrepreneurial mindset of the future generation of HE graduates.
    – Improve academia-industry and stakeholders interplay in a Quintuple Helix innovation model at EU and international level.

    The ASKFOOD consortium is made of 6 Universities, 2 research and consulting companies, 3 food industry associations and 1 non-profit, organisation that will collaborate with 15 Associated partners (EU and no-EU) in an innovative and international “educational” environment.

     Visit the ASKFOOD website here


  • FOODBIZ – Alliance for Skills and Knowledge to Widen Food Sector-related Open Innovation, Optimization and Development

    FOODBIZ aims at promoting acquisition of relevant skills and competences related to employability in higher education students through their active involvement in community learning activities. This will allow them to:
    - Learn in context
    - Reflect about their own competences, motivations, and ambitions
    - Understand the economic strengths and opportunities of the territory in relation to agri-food and food tourism
    - Establish links with enterprises and other stakeholders of the territory to which the university belongs
    - Contribute to community development and job creation.

    Visit the FOODBIZ website here