The Wine Lab project brings together a transnational consortium from 5 EU countries (Austria, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Cyprus), involving 12 experts with complementary experience and expertise, namely academic institutions with related research activities, research centres in the wine sector, wineries in disadvantaged areas and business partners specialising in communication, entrepreneurship, evaluation, and ICT solutions.
Partners are meeting regularly in different cities, hosted at the premises of the different partners.

  • University of Macerata (UNIMC)


    “Umanesimo che innova” (The Humanism that innovates) is the principle on which the University of Macerata (UNIMC) moves, by integrating the longstanding tradition of a public university established in 1290, one of the oldest in Europe, with innovation. UNIMC is the only university in Italy that is completely devoted to human and social sciences, focussing research and didactics in subjects as education, cultural heritage and tourism, economics and law, political sciences, communication and international relations, humanities.
    The University of Macerata looks ahead and conceives education as a means to develop the cultural identity of its students and suitable career options for them, providing undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and single-cycle courses, international joint-degree courses, the School of Advanced Studies, the Summer School, the Doctoral School, the Confucius Institute and the ‘Collegio Matteo Ricci – Visiting Scholars’ International Programme.
    Within the context of the globalisation process, the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism intends to develop research activities that are highly integrated with teaching and aimed at enhancing educational processes, cultural heritage and tourism.
    The Department offers first, second and third level university education, which aims at preparing professionals who are able to operate in the areas of education, curricular and extra-curricular training and in the field of social and economic enhancement of cultural heritage and tourism. The research work is closely linked with the reference territory in the field of tourism and cultural heritage, particularly in topics as agri-food and agribusiness.
    At the same time, while focused on the needs and resources of the territory, teaching and research activities also look at the international scene, and, in particular, towards the countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean.

    Contact person: Alessio Cavicchi
    Title/Position in the organisation: Associate Professor, Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism
    Full postal address: P.le Bertelli, 1 - 62100 - Macerata, Italy
    T: +39 0733 258 5919
    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • La Scurtarola



  • Nico Lazaridi


    Nico Lazaridis, a successful entrepreneur in the field of marble, never hid his love for the field of wine, a love that grew to become a business activity. His journey to the magical world of wine lasted more than two decades and led him, in 1987, to the creation of the NICO LAZARIDI Winery in the promising area of East Macedonia, and more specifically in the Prefecture of Drama.
    In 1997, Nicos Lazaridis moves the head office of his company in the local community Agora, an area well-known for its wine-growing tradition, and establishes the Winery Château Nico Lazaridi. In a short while, his wines manage to become popular among the oenophiles inside and outside of Greece. Nicos Lazaridis has been a pioneer in the creation of an entire wine-production area in Drama.
    In 2000, a new winery was created in the hillside of the Mount Pangeon at the Prefecture of Kavala: the Mackedon Winery and the new labels of quality wines expand even more the company’s horizons.
    Through this attempt our company promoted the great potentials of the local vineyards, and inspired our highly skilled company executives who created unique products. At the same time, through the co-existence of art and wine, we delivered the message that the wine is a product of love, respect and long-lasting effort. Nowadays, NICO LAZARIDI produces 21 different labels, while simultaneously the total production level reaches around 1.100.000 bottles per year. Over the last four years, we tripled the countries where we export our wines, reaching the 21 and willing to enforce our export profile, we aim and invest in new markets. At the same time, we promote Greek and foreign artists through our wines. Their paintings that have been used as labels on our wines are exhibited in the art gallery “Magic Mountain”. Our main goals remain the production of high quality wines, the growth and promotion of the Macedonian vineyards and a highly regarded position in the field of wine worldwide.

    Contact person: Federico Lazaridis
    Title/Position in the organisation: President and Managing Director
    Full postal address: Local Municipal District of Agora
    T: +30 2521082049
    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Weingut Schuster


    Our family has been making wine for centuries. The earliest documentary evidence linking the Schuster family and wine dates back to 1772. With a mixture of intuition, a sense of tradition and the courage to be innovative, we continuously strive to produce high quality wine from our grapes. Our winery logo, a ladybird, symbolizes the environmentally conscious way in which we treat fauna and flora in our vineyards. The gentle cultivation of our vines lays the foundation for exceptional wines. We attach particular importance to the hand-picking of our grapes.
    Roter Veltliner is the signature wine of our product range. This rarity among the white varieties is extremely important to us and is particularly nourished and looked after.

    Contact person: Thomas Schuster
    Title/Position in the organisation: MA, winemaker
    Full postal address: 3471 Großriedenthal, Hauptstrasse 61, Austria
    T. +43 2279 7203
    E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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  • GTK

  • Koczor

  • Militos Consulting S.A.


    Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360° consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many distinctions in the provision of integrated and groundbreaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including 360° Information and Awareness Measures, Campaigning and Event Management, Culture, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Skills Empowerment, Employment, etc.

    Militos holds extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, designing, managing and implementing demanding events and large-scale campaigns and is well known for the smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality material it produces, being the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies, such as the European Commission Representation in Greece (Exclusive Communication & Campaigning Consultant), European Parliament Information Office in Greece (External Consultant), European Commission Standard Eurobarometer for Greece (National Editor), DG Enterprise and Industry (Intermediary Organisation for ERASMUS Young Entrepreneurs & Coordinator of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs); Embassies; NGOs. Within the last 6 years, Militos has organised more than 170 multidimensional events and dissemination actions with more than 50.000 participants, having received many distinctions for the quality of its services, the innovative content, the influence, efficiency and impact of its communication activities, including 2 european awards (DG AGRI).

    With a track record of 56 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has longstanding experience and expertise in education and VET, mentoring, business consulting, entrepreneurial education and skills empowerment, the development of train-the-trainer methodologies, interactive e-learning tools and mobile applications, entrepreneurial networks/platforms and immersive games, with some of its past projects officially recognised as best practices. In 2015, Militos was heavily involved in the support and promotion of social entrepreneurship., running the project “Enterprising Socially” of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency of the City of Athens, providing consultancy services, tools and mentoring to 40 social enterprises. Having formed "the downtown cluster", a powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem of collective wisdom with the Social Enterprise knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning, Militos is actively supporting the implementation of the awarded (Education Business Awards 2016) pioneer “Mellon-Skills Accelerator” project in the region of Attica, Greece for personalized skills empowerment of unemployed and NEETs with the aim to secure their entry and stay in the labour market.

    Contact person: Christina Frentzou
    Title/Position in the organisation: Head of Corporate & EU projects
    Full postal address: Acharnon 335, 111 45, Athens
    T: +30 210 6772129
    E: fThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


  • R&DO


    R&Do researches, designs, develops and manages integrated ICT solutions, web-based applications and enterprise software systems. The company specialises in educational online platforms, ICT tools mobile applications, pioneer ICT projects, fostering the development of ICT skills of young and adult learners, contributing to vocational training for employability, promoting growth and innovation, supporting different sectors with a focus on the tourism, agriculture, environment and telecommunications industry. R&DO also designs and implements communication strategies and activities, produces dissemination material and handles both traditional and digital media. In this respect it has undertaken numerous projects, such as the development of cultural networks, running of campaigns and other community building initiatives. Among its major clients are: the Benakion Phytopathological Institute (design and development of website and communication strategy; production of various dissemination videos in the frames of the LIFE project “Conops”); Casino Mon Parnes (Pokergod, online trivia poker game for promotion of gaming offline sites); Militos Consulting S.A. (websites and campaigns in the frame of EU and non-EU projects and other clients), MSCOMM S.A. (design and production of online platforms supporting the Global Entrepreneurship Week,, the International Association to Save Tyre/ AIST (design and implementation of network community building and platform development). 

    R&DO is also partner to various co-funded European projects, including the Lifelong Learning Projects Farm inc., Taxistars, Core-VET, High Heels, Pest Practice and the Erasmus+ projects Intraprise, Rooms to VET, Succession, SocialUp, the WineLab, etc., being mainly responsible for platforms, websites and dissemination. R&Do team is formed by Senior Developers and Web designers and is well known for their high quality work and forward thinking. The company aims to the continuous development and commercialisation of innovative ideas in the form of products and services, mainly based on ICT.

    Contact person: Mike Economou
    Title/Position in the organisation: Senior Developer
    Full postal address: 7 Michael Koutsofta, Building Mykonos 2, Office 102, 2000 Nicosia
    T: +35 7 22887271
    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.