The winelab project at the finish line!

thewinelab project may have reached its end on 31 December 2019. A lot has been done by the project partnership during those 3 years of excellent collaboration and hard work!

Take a moment and check some of our outputs under our ACTIVITIES menu concerning

Learning & Training 

Mobility & Placement 

our Wine Hubs 

and our Wine Living Labs



The second winelab contest is here! 

The second WineLab Online Contest is inviting scholars to visit their local wineries and perform a Participatory Photo Analysis, that combines photographs, comments and a rating.

Click here for all the information you would need to join the contest, follow the simple instructions and steps, and go for one of the 3 prizes, which are a beautiful selection of wines produced by our wine-making partners in Greece, Hungary and Italy!

Deadline for submissions 20/11/2019

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Join the contest! Enter the wine label challenge!

The Winelab project invites you to design a wine label and become one among four winners of The Winelab project contest to win:

  • 6 bottles of the wine with your own label
  • Great visibility, as the winners names’ and labels will be promoted to The WineLab channels
  • The opportunity to have your label promoted in fairs and exhibitions (as special edition, not for commercial use)

You are completely free in choosing the subject, the graphics, the colors, and the information that should appear in your opinion on your ideal wine label, regardless of actual national legislations that regulate labels’ design for commercial use.

Click here for all the information you would need to join the contest, follow the simple instructions and steps, and start crafting your own wine label!

Deadline for submissions 31/5/2019

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Check out the Winelab project infographic Insights from the wineries exploring the current status, the challenges, the difficulties and opportunities at the nexus of Academia - Research - Business in the wine sector.


Wine sector opportunities, needs and its untapped economic potential are analyzed through an academic-business standpoint in the study ‘Learning landscapes: needs and opportunities in the wine sector’, which is readily available here.

The Wine Lab project capitalises on the EU project Farm inc. online learning platform on marketing and braning of agricultural products to target and empower the European wine sector. Have a look at the platform here.