Wine Living Labs

Wine Living Labs will be activated, planning and implementing a set of activities to promote sharing of knowledge and experiential learning, including: idea contests, i.e. online competitions on specific topics for stimulating innovative ideas; winethons, i.e. hackathon-style intensive working groups elaborating on innovative ideas, coached by a facilitator/ expert; taste & create workshops among people in the same field holding different roles (students, producers, researchers etc.) to perform experiential exercises on products; wine weeks, i.e. related learning and training courses offered to national and foreign participants.

Here below TWL activities organised by project partners in different countries: 

Taste & Create Workshop in Austria (Krems, 19 October 2017)

Taste & Create Workshop in Hungary (Veszprém, 9 November 2017)

Winethon in Italy (Fermo, 3/4 March 2018)

Winethon in Austria (Krems, 18 April 2018)